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residential real estate 

If you are closing on a home then you need an experienced real estate attorney to advocate for your best interests and guide you from Contract to Closing. 



Buying or Selling your home will be one of the largest financial transactions of your life and can be a stressful process.  Mr. Ferruggia works closely with Buyers, Sellers and Real Estate Agents to assure a smooth and successful closing for residential properties.  

Our services include the following: 

  • Contract review/negotiation;

  • Review of inspection reports and negotiation of inspection issues;

  • Ordering and review of title commitment;

  • Review of survey to determine whether there are any encroachments;

  • Review of lender documents;

  • Preparation for and attendance of the title closing.


We represent Buyers/Sellers across the State of New Jersey.  We will guide you from Contract to Closing. 


We also handle Refinance Closings.  Although hiring a real estate attorney is not required for the refinancing process in New Jersey, it still may make sense for you to have someone review all of the mortgage terms that you will receive because no one else involved in this process is representing you.  You may also want to ensure there is no pre-payment penalty and that the mortgage you are paying off by refinancing is properly discharged.  If the mortgage is not properly discharged it could delay closing if you were to sell your property.    


In addition, we can also assist with Deed Transfers.  We can assist with the following: adding a spouse or family member to a deed, removing an individual from a deed, transfer of a deed from an individual to a corporation or LLC, advise you on whether a deed transfer will violate the terms of an existing mortgage, and advise you on the appropriate type of deed to use in your situation.  


Please submit your information on the contact page or call us at (862) 246- 6496 to schedule a consultation to discuss your matter.


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1) A real estate lawyer will protect your rights and interests in the transaction. Only an attorney is qualified to explain the law to you and provide legal advice. 

2) Your attorney will review and modify the real estate Contract during the attorney review period to ensure your interests are protected.

3) An attorney will communicate with the lender, the other attorney to the transaction or agent, and all other parties to the transaction.

4) An attorney will make arrangements for title insurance coverage if you are the Buyer, make sure that all requirements and conditions of the Contract are completed in order to have a successful closing and ensure that the deed and other legal documents are properly recorded.

5) If you are the Seller, then you may need an attorney to draft/negotiate a Contract for you, prepare the conveyance documents for Closing (new deed, affidavit of title, etc.), correct any concerns found in the title report and review the settlement statement prior to Closing.


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