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Commercial Real Estate

We represent clients in all phases of real estate matters, assisting clients in the following: 

  • Acquisition and Sale Transactions

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Due Diligence

  • Title Questions

  • Environmental Investigations and Remediation

  • Leasing

  • Land Use Planning/Development

  • Easements and Restrictions

  • Landlord/Tenant


Mr. Ferruggia concentrates his practice on commercial real estate transactions, from contract negotiation to closing.  He participates in all phases of the transaction, as needed, including the letter of intent, contract negotiation and review, title search examination, review of surveys, review of Phase 1 environmental report, preparation of the closing documents and the closing settlement statement, review of loan documents, preparation for and attendance at closing. 


Our comprehensive approach allows us to assist with due diligence and environmental concerns, siting decisions, land use issues and regulatory compliance. 


Mr. Ferruggia also maintains an active Landlord-Tenant practice.  Landlord-Tenant law is one of the most complicated and rules-driven areas of law.  My firm provides counsel to landlords and tenants in both residential and commercial settings.  His clients range from individual owners or tenants of a house, to owners/managers or tenants of small and large apartment buildings.  


Contact Us-  Buying, selling and managing real estate can be a daunting task.  For businesses and investors, real estate is a significant investment not only financially, but in terms of the complexity of the transaction.  Therefore, it is important to have Frank E. Ferruggia Jr., Esq., an experienced real estate attorney, as your legal counsel to advocate for your best interests. 


Please reach out to Frank E. Ferruggia Jr., Esq. via email at FFerruggia-law@outlook.com or call him at (862) 246- 6496 to schedule a Free Consultation to discuss your matter.